A concrete kite

A very thin yet rigid concrete form
Complimented by tensile sewing of support geometry.
Could we make a concrete kite?

Maybe, but why make a really bad really hard to make and fly kite?

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Ahhh true.
I just loved the shapes. and the idea of doping the forms with something normally so massive and solid as concrete

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Hi Roddy:
Ever heard of “lightweight concrete”? Air bubbles make it lighter - poured 1.5 inches thick on the second-story plywood subfloor of multi-story wood-framed condominiums, to reduce noise in the lower levels, from people walking on the floors of upper stories.
And reinforced concrete boat-hulls are old news, just like boats made of metal. Still, even “lightweight” concrete is pretty heavy stuff.
Anyway, I’ve been wondering what the old guys from “the old forum” are up to. I assume “nothing”, as before, but haven’t heard any details. It did not sit well with me to have found out the “public” forum was secretly changed to a non-public forum years ago, without telling the participants. Not sure I would have wasted any more time if I knew I was only talking to 5 or 6 people the whole time.
Anyway, I have a limerick regarding wings made of concrete:
Said a guy on the web name of Joe
Concrete block is a wing down below (doncha know…)
Redefine every word
To the point of absurd
To this day they have nothing to show
As far as we know…
Away quietly eventually they all go…
With rhyme, I seem to be on a ro(ll)…
Better quit while ahead - gotta go!