Ampyx 2020 Progress update video

This video contains lots of technical details that I had not seen before. Very interesting stuff.

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Just to say, the demos of the “tether expeller” is something I would not have thought to be feasible. But it looks nice.

It’s great to see an AWES company sharing tech progress!
They show concepts, hardware tests, and design
Inspiring stuff, there’s 100 student projects could start from that video alone.
Turret design,
Landing mech drop, recovery and Braking,
Securely redundant and noise free avionics and controls,
The tether release jaws with rotary mounting on a gorgeous flange.
The props
The business model…

The engineering was commented upon by Fabrizio Nastri the CEO
“Most viable for scaling up to multi MW power capacity in AWE sector”
Certainly if they’re making progress and improving on existing wind fine.
The model they propose after AP3 is a 1MW
I’m not convinced that a single wing rigid kite architecture can pull much more than a MW or 2

1.1MW is multi MW I suppose