Cabrinha back in Pete's hands: Implications for AWE R&D

Cabrinha has long been a catalyst in kite sports and AWE R&D. Key Makani founder, Don Montague, started in kite tech at Naish, in the same innovation circle as Cabrinha. This subculture represents kite sports (modern power-kites) as a foundation of AWE, and are ideally positioned to develop kite energy technology from within that vein of excellence and revenue.

Makani’s overly complex failed AWE quest puts research emphasis back on direct kite practice. Of all AWE players, Cabrinha has a formidable advantage in moving forward from the lessons of Makani, without being on the radar of most academic or venture-capitalist AWE circles as a dark-horse contender.

Pete Cabrinha’s AWE assets include close friendship with billionaire kitesurfer, and aviation record-holder, Richard Branson, and the Carbon War Room and Breakthrough Energy Fund. Expect big things to happen in AWE R&D when this explosive mix of talent and access-to-capital again fires up.

““The new structure unlocks our ability to be free in terms of innovation, design, and development resources, to be faster, and to have the capacity to expand on our range of products,” explains Pete Cabrinha.”

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