Chain instead of line

Most kite line systems require some form of winching either for control or retraction.

Chain systems can use lighter handling gear with better grip at the expense of speed.ía-s-a_ortizfischer-elevesusexpectativas-greenpin-activity-6651567030547865600-DXQd

Tycan is a dyneema chain

Could be very useful for field lines, network lines, back lines… Lines which do not have fly fast with low drag.

Assuming a fast reciprocal line pumping isn’t going to use this.

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I wonder how you’d make the chain. I imagine a jig that you’d use to tie two lines together. And then I wonder how you’d design the sprocket. You’d use bigger spacings between the teeth? And then I’d wonder about the durability of the chain. Does a sprocket result in more or less wear than winding the line around a pulley a few more times?

You can also imagine a hybrid dyneema/rigid material chain.

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