DC bus for AWE patented by Vestas

I did not realize this was patentable, but of course there are pros and cons with transferring power in a AWE park between the rigs in AC or DC form. Using the DC as a power bus has the benefit of requiring one less conversion when one [Yoyo] rig is in return while the other is producing. The other benefit is of course the scale of the unit the could convert DC power into grid AC power (one for the complete farm rather than one for each rig).


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I read the first claim. I do not think it is valid. Assuming the reel-in-out kite approach is even utilized in multiple units on a site, seems like all this has already been discussed in open forums. Some units reeling in while others reel out. Stating a fault (intermittency= less output) as an advantage (Use a smaller inverter!). Gee ya think? No use an inverter that’s too big! Really sad to see, still not a single cottage powered by this kite-reeling scheme, and yet Vestas is patenting chit-chat from the peanut gallery? Kite-reeling - how can a million flies be wrong?

They also covered a version with separate converters? WO2019141333A1

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Pierre asked: “How can a majority of scientists and entrepreneurs be wrong?”
Doug replies: It is normal for “a majority of scientists and entrepreneurs be wrong”. When people finally figure it out, that is called “progress”.