"Design and Optimisation Framework of a Multi-MW Airborne Wind Energy Reference System"

The thesis report is available on


This is a very good document.

It is very interesting to propose a reference model for AWES.
But this presents a particular kind of AWES
Very well explained and documented though

TU Delft researcher @dylan_svh has now released a subset of this work as a reference model for a rigid wing AWE system in the multi-MW range. Get the source code from the MegAWES repository on github. In its present, basic state the model includes a point mass model (3 DOF) of the aircraft, a discretized model of the tether and a simple winch model. This in itself is not very new and fancy. What is new and fancy is the AWE control approach that allows the model to operate in pumping cycles and produce power in the MW-range.
This model forms the starting point for a continued development of a more accurate 6 DOF model (currently in the making) with a refined control approach. The aircraft design is inspired by the Ampyx AP-4.


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