Epic seminar to focus on airborne wind energy

[Rob Creighton, president and CEO of Windlift, based in Raleigh, will talk about airborne wind energy at 5 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 20, in EPIC, G287](https://inside.uncc.edu/news-features/2018-11-13/epic-seminar-focus-airborne-wind-energy)


Will anyone from the forum attend?

Sadly, Rob is located far from most other US developers. His talk is at an introductory level, rather than an AWE get-together. Lets hope for another US conference someday, sigh.

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Nope. Neither can I without significant effort. :woman_shrugging:
As for the badges - you’ve earned them!:star:

Mexican “Stinking Badge” Cultural Context ;^)

Sorry for a bit of off-topic humor. Seriously, Badges? Are we true idiots? I somehow deserved to be slapped with a badge? What did I do wrong?

Anyway, Rob is one of my first friends in AWE. The funny story is that his wonderful first demo video used children and playground equipment, so I thought Rob was a kid-genius, but he turned out to be a big Marine.I also turned down the US Marines to do AWE for Afghanistan Campaign (yeah, right), as a pacifist, so Rob took the job. The power-kite AWES result was impressive, but did not come close to tactical need. Now he’s another me-too E-VTOL kiteplane venture. WindLift offers molecular biology services on the side (Rob’s original career). GMO kites IMHO.

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The word on the New Forum us that the platform gamification features (badges) are hard to defeat. My initial impression was not mistaken, Gamification badges are a weird new insult to human dignity, worth defeating if possible. Lets see how hard to defeat the gamification really is, if they want us play.

Also who ends up owning New Forum data? Yahoo’s terms have been changing as well, but new terms since the sell-off have not been enforced yet. Maybe if we post a legal notice to Yahoo on Yahoo, we can later claim better content rights.

What’s next? Small hooks will hold our eyelids open while tailored advertising is streamed :slight_smile:

Points, badges, and leaderboards: The Gamification Fallacy


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LOL :rofl:

Welcome to the distopia! To see where we’re trying to go with this forum I recommend watching Black Mirror episodes “Fifteen Million Merits” and “Nosedive

I can actually disable the badges (in contrast to the emojis) quite easily. Wondering if I should… Don’t you like them now that I made one specifically for you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also who ends up owning New Forum data?

The original author. And he or she allows it to be shared here. That’s what I’d assume. Don’t know the actual legalities. And for now I don’t care much.

If I were you I’d be less worried about the AIs and the discourse makers, but about my very own dictatorial control here.^^

Have you heard about Robo’s basilisk?:snake:

I simply don’t care about badges, I even did not noticed them. There is no debate, just leave it like that and don’t waste time.

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I am not a “badge lover”, as was pinned on me. I thought this Forum was about AWE, not about being mischaracterized. I have a strong AI background going back to the 80’s. Sorry if my Orson-Wellian humor was construed as actual AI fearmongering.