Heat-resistant Kites

Large power kites can lift massive payloads. Fighting wildfires is limited by cost and danger of existing aviation methods of lifting water to dump on flames. Wildfires create their own inflow wind toward the center of the flames. Its therefore attractive to develop kites than can operate in this environment, to lift water in “bambi-buckets” from surface locations, and drop the water on the flames. Kites could also suspend firehoses over wildfire.

Volcano research has a problem with sampling gas and dust from active volcanos. Corrosive heat, poor visibility, and short battery life of drones have been technical barriers to better science and public safety monitoring. Specialized kites could solve these problems.

In such applications, heat resistant kite materials are needed for tethers, spars, and membranes. Such materials exist and design issues have been explored on this Forum. Windy Skies’ mis-moderation has hidden previous discussion from public view, citing lack of proof of the role of Wayne German as an AWE aerospace prophet, and originator of heat-resistant kite study.