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Key holding related to this forum: A simple hand-held single-line single Malay kite system generates some electricity, some sound, some secondary motions, some compressions, some tensions, some trans-positioning of matter, some bending, some form changes, and more as it harvests wind energy by operating in air flow or water flow. A real such scene is never static. The scene is of an AWES where I understand “air” to embrace other fluid-like media; thus a simple single-line kite system may “fly” in a host of media, including air. From such beginning, I envision AWES that may surround the entire Earth at once generating huge amounts of electricity for use in all nations for driving thousands of types of machines and appliances. I embrace in parallel anyone’s discourse as they may define “kite” and collect such variations within a file akiteis.html for the world to explore; readers’ definitions are invited to be sent to me: for possible inclusion and attribution.

Son, wife (pregnant with daughter), daughter: in the Santa Monica Pier pier structure years and years ago; they are adjacent to the beach where I do much of my energy-kite experiments where people and lifeguards have been heard saying: “AWEsome!” Same site that had been used so much by the famed artist and kiter Tyrus Wong (Disney-art fame too; Bambi). [Flights of Fancy]