Least useful awes

I want to build an awes. Just for fun. Goals:

  • charge a phone.
  • be cheap
  • small size when stored.


  • Single skin lifter
  • Vane
  • Turbine
  • bicycle generator (or similar)
  • line with wire
  • ground anchor
  • charge controller

Maybe some higher winds can be used. Probably depends on power loss in light wire.
I’ve got a few carbon rods lying around for the vane lever and the turbine. Blades will either be rigid 3d printed or just fabric in a frame.
Not planning to calculate much. Just make it and see if it works. Might take some time until I get around to it.

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Might do a non-crosswind but large yoyo instead.
Until I make anything it’s vapor anyway…

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Another idea:
Three tethers from ground form a high pyramid. Airgen where they connect, producing energy for light there. Light shines below. Super fast errection of a lit workspace.
Probably unsuitable for things like the scene of a traffic accident, but there might be applications… ice fishing?

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Looks like @kitefreak’s tripod:

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Very superficial comparison. Luke’s concept is a flygen VAWT, not a groundgen looping-foil HAWT. Tether tripods is a rich subject best distinguished carefully.

“Least useful AWES” would be those that do not work well, at great expense and complexity. If AWE is an urgent quest, this is a “Least useful” topic.

Dave, I am sorry for the comparison. I spoke only about the appearance, not on the fund.

Least useful report on airborne wind I ever read yet

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That was hardly even an AWE article at all. How about Methane Flatulism AWE, in article from WP-

Methane is both lifting gas and energy.

Damn, that’s a bad article. Makes me sad. No mention of an author. -.-