Metrics for Comparing Architectures

Classic system trade-offs in AWES are soft vs rigid – fly gen vs ground gen – single line vs multi line
What other metrics should we be using to assess system fitness to a given use case?

I’d love to see more systems comparisons charts on e.g…
cost / power for each system
operating height / power
embedded vehicle energy / power out
wing loading
efficiency by wing area
land use / power
kite area / line length
This could be a huge list…please add to it

I think an encyclopedia of proposed AWE architectures with pros and cons would be really nice. Something for the wiki?

It should include:

  • name
  • sketch
  • scale options, along with scaling calculations
  • lift or drag or hybrid
  • most prominent issues
  • similar structures
  • variations

Next we might break it down into parts and let the AI generate new ones.

Anyways it would be a great place to refer to during discussions.

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