Most “news” in AWE is not factual accounts of “what happened” but...

Most “news” in AWE is not factual accounts of “what happened”, but rather, fanciful accounts of what certain people hope will happen, and which usually does not.
Just sayin’…

There’s also some progress on people actually building hardware:

Focus on that, @dougselsam, if you’re sick of plans and promises.

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Doug, The top example of AWE false news, as you define it below, is your “fanciful” Popular Science coverage. Stop unfairly and unhelpfully slighting far superior examples, like COTS ship kites that can actually offset ~2MW of ship diesel-electric load, while the ST must remain marginal even at kW scale, due to scaling law limits you never seem to have known about.

Join the ship-kite club when you get tired of being stuck with comparatively zero ST power. I am lucky to have been part of KiteShip, the pioneer of real MW AWE. I wish to share with you my great luck, but you have to master power kites to pro level, logging many more flight hours without frequent mishaps.

K-Line’s TRL9 kites obviously will fly and pull like a monsters. The actual empty “hope” and hype is that an ST can scale up effectively. Stop crapping on AWES obviously working better than any ST ever.

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Coming from Kitefreak, the king of false news…
I feel honored to be the target of your ongoing anti-fact campaign.
You have no luck generating any power, no luck beating Mother nature at her game,
so you think if you can strain interpretations and abuse vocabulary to make it seem that you win your fake internet arguments with me, you’ve won something, but, a) winning an argument with me still doesn’t generate any power so you are still lost, and b) you never win an argument anyway, but can’t realize it since you cannot be reasoned with. The shipkites are not your project so trying to associate yourself with them is not a way to show how much power you can make - it’s someone else, and it doesn’t seem to be economical. Yup I was a big fan of ship kites 25 years ago, in fact I thought I had invented the concept, but like most of this stuff you just watch it fizzle out. It dies of boredom. Probably just not economical. Hope I’m wrong. Seems like existing sailboats and sailing yachts would be the obvious target market, if it were a better way to sail. If not, maybe it’s not a better way to sail. Make sense? (Last comment not for you daveS, since you can’t tell if something makes sense.)

We are both honored to be in AWE, not just the honor I confer on you.

Keep up your power kite skills then, if I was mistaken that you have long neglected developing any. Let Popular Science be considered a reliable AWE knowledge source, if I was wrong in thinking otherwise.

Two different kite ships recently circled the globe. Your homestead hope turned out to be a pair of sea-steads, even better than you imagined. There are more Kite Ships than ever before, and more on order (K-Line).

You don’t have to admit all the pioneering ship-kite community fairly shares in the glory. That some of us test too small to please you is still a plus. After all, the ST tests small too, at a power level closer to the Seiko Watch AWES than a full-scale ship kite. The Ship Kite is dominant in AWE, since Culp in the 70’s. SkySails now offers 100kW land versions. Go ahead and compete.

Hmmm … Is it fake news - if the story been rehashed by a computer?
I’m guessing by the graphic, This post has been automatically rehashed from the recent Economist article, which was behind a paywall… so I don’t know.

I used to wonder if DaveS was a yahoo AWES publishing computer.

Or perhaps it was the other way around, that DaveS was a yahoo AWES publishing computer that you used to wonder about :slight_smile:

Maybe The Economist plagiarizes the Sports News… That would be more economical, if less sporting.

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Well I just got back from testing a free-flight rig consisting of a delta kite in upper wind towing a drogue aloft in lower slower wind. That counts as AWE, since the energy of flight comes purely from wind. Its been hundreds of fun tests over many years. Anyone on this Forum is in AWE, even if they do not test as much.

“Counts as AWE”… Yes that is your and JoeF’s problem. “Counts” as long as you are doing the counting. Stay away from those power meters now…
Everything comes down to being able to “say” you “did” something, regardless of whether you made any progress or were just goofing around, and now trying to somehow “bank” it. Joe drags home some trash from the side of the road, attaches it to his house, lays down under it, and takes a nap, then proclaims it as some sort of AWE research project, because the trash wiggled in the wind, making it “count” as a “kite”, and “kites” providing shade “counts” as “AWE”. You two with your daily adjustments of the dictionary masquerading as AWE “research”. Instead of a droque, try attaching a generator. Make some power. Take a video of the (gasp!) meters. Lather, rinse, repeat. Publish the videos for all to see. THEN claim you are involved with AWE. Because until then, you are not, as far as anyone knows… Meanwhile you hold your annual “encampments” meaning a few people go to the beach and fly their kites a couple times, so technically, kites “require energy to fly”, so that makes daveS a “top AWE researcher”. (Even though the goal was showing how kites could GIVE energy not just use it to fly, right? But if you would only be willing to adjust the dictionary, perhaps we could accommodate our non-research friends??? Just humor them???) Around here you know who has “encampments” and drags trash from the side of the road to provide shade for a nap? Tourists on drugs overstaying their welcome. It’s become a huge problem in West Coast cities since Hollywood has made it everyone’s dream to live near the Pacific Ocean. They’re crapping on peoples’ lawns. All the California people are moving to Texas and now the Texicans say they are ruining Texas just like they ruined CaliPornia.

I think Roddy said it best and it is usually true: “You’re wasting time arguing and I reckon you’re wrong here Dave”

Glad I now live in the Gol’ Daang High Desert instead of a big overcrowded city on the coast! Yeeee-Haw! Well except for all the darn wind of course…

“might” - in the future. More future “news”

I wondered if it were written by computer or a Chinese person or something, then I realized it must have been machine translated a couple times, like a photocopy of a photocopy.

Doug, What counts for me and JoeF is third-party testing for certified performance. Your “Harbor Freight” power meter is a good-enough standard in your own testing, just not the most rigorous “industry standard” for the world to go by.

You are:

  1. All talk, with no such testing of anything, ever, in your wildest dreams;
  2. Completely full-of-it.
    What happened to your complaints of “over reliance on power meters” of a few days ago? Third-party testers don’t use meters?
    Are you completely daft?
    My previous testing funded by The California Energy Commission was indeed by a third party - the former Head of Anemometry for GE Wind, paying extra for signed, calibrated instrumentation.
    It;s the same as regular instrumentation, you just get to pay extra for it to make people happy seeing the signatures that it’s verified accurate. That;s the ACTUAL standard, of which you know NOTHING. How would you? Got some third-party data you wnt to share with the rest of the class, Mr. “Expert”? Yeah, didn’t think so.
    The video you saw used a common multimeter for showing DC Volts, free from Harbor Freight, named by physicists and EE people as sometimes better for certain purposes than meters costing hundreds of dollars, and a Craftsman Hall-effect clamp DC amp meter designed for engineers, electricians, and other professional use.
    Meanwhile what the F*** do you have that even comes close to anything I’ve done? I build working wind turbines in my sleep that make a thousand times the power pf anything you could put together even if you tried. WHO the H-E-double-toothpicks do you think you ARE to act as though a complete idiot who can apparently make no power whatsoever, no matter what, is in place to endlessly torment me over complete nonsense wherever I might go, pretending to even be involved in wind energy from ANY angle, let alone have any freakin’ STANDARDS??? What is your standard, brag on the internet about nothing, and thereby claim your place in history as the biggest pest to ever annoy me, while not even earning the status of a footnote in wind energy?
    I think it’s safe to say, nothing you say seems to hold any meaning whatsoever, while you brag and posture endlessly, with no results in 12 years, but it seems like you’ll never stop. No power, no standards of any kind, nothing working, and you suddenly talk about you and Joe having standards of third party testing. Of WHAT? You make no sense. 100% B.S., as usual. Guys, maybe you should consider sending this nutcase back to pollute his own forum, eh?

Its true Doug, we accept Gipe’s challenge that AWES must ultimately be certified formally, not just rely on anecdotal reports of performance.

Go ahead and accept Gipe’s standard too.

You are SO completely out-of-it.
Why keep abusing Paul’s name, as though he even remotely has anything to do, with anything you do, which is nothing?
Any idiot knows certified turbines require certified power and energy measurements or nobody will fund their purchase or certification. That has NOTHING to do with Paul Gipe, and CERTAINLY nothing to do with you. And it has nothing to do with whether a video shows instantaneous power on meters. When Paul talks of third party verification, he is explaining to a general audience of non-wind people how to watch out for IDIOTS like you who POSTURE as having some power-monster of wind energy while actually not being able to make any power whatsoever. You are not the only one overstating your abilities, but maybe the worst yet, making zero power all the time, without exception, for 12 years, bragging the whole time - whew! Seems almost impossible. That’s about as bad as it gets in wind energy. Like an Indy car with no wheels, that won’t even start.
Meanwhile you posture endlessly as though to scold me about standards, when my name is actually ON the standards for small wind in the U.S., and I think we all know, yours is not.
I think maybe you should take a couple of aspirin and get some rest.

I have nothing but nice things to say about Paul and his IEC 61400 criteria for AWE. Good luck to you in meeting Paul’s hopes for us all.

More of your meaningless blather.

Like a FAKE Indy car with no engine, and a driver making fake engine noises, that thinks he won the race, and won’t stop bragging, while the men in the white coats drag him away…