Questions and complaints about moderation.

No,… I think I’m quite reasonable in my relationships…
Unlike the imbalanced nature of the data on 2 users in particular

@tallakt did not flag the posts in the quoted thread.

It is true that I have been flagging many messages of the sort to steal everyone’s attention but providing no information. I may not have been the only one to flag these. The way I see it, as long as the flag button is there on the forum, I may use it according to my own preferences. Let a moderator be the arbiter if the flagging is appropriate.


That can mean both @kitefreak and @dougselsam refuse the game of likes, thinking that it only leads to consensual ideas on an emotional basis. Can we really blame them? No, of course, both understanding that great ideas encounter immediate resistance before being accepted when realized.

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I agree you are wrong about using the name kPower.
Even though the “power” part is not realized, it’s just a name. Whether they have some current government-registered status as some certain type of taxable or invest-able entity does not mean they can’t achieve any AWE progress. Lack of progress is a separate issue from whether someone is currently “registered”.
People can use whatever name they want.
There is nothing admirable about wasting tons of other peoples’ money on useless paperwork to start some “official” “company” that nonetheless is clueless and can never achieve what they say except to take money from people and never give it back.
Such useless official companies are just examples of people creating their own version of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, which is why, starting with Magenn and most of the rest, a little kid, if he had some wind energy knowledge, can easily debunk many of these "current-full-official-looking-paperwork-compliant “companies” based on reasoning a little kid could explain. Amazing to me there are grownups that fall for a lot of this stuff. I do agree though that the name kPower is overused in a way of posturing as some sort of intergalactic mega-entity with some undeniable and admirable track record of success. Obviously it’s just Santos and whomever is not busy that day in his sphere of influence. Still, I don’t see anything wrong with picking and using a name, except they (he) do not deliver on it.

Never even thought about the new thing of “likes”.
But I can tell you one thing, anyone counting how my “likes” people do has too much time on their hands. Now the way to solve WE is to keep track, statistically, of how many “likes” people like, like, like, like, well, like. Like, like, like, like, dude, you didn’t, like, give me back a like, like! WTF? This is how possibly good ideas swirl down the toilet bowl.
“Likes”. “Netiquette”. Like…, sure dude.

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I could agree with this,
But then we’d both be wrong.
They’re cantankerous.

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Likes are simply a way to interact on the forum without actually writing a sentence. Like a small nod that you read the message and found the contents worthwhile, or just congratulating someone on writing something good.

It shouldn’t be about counting at all.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the “gamification” of the forum. It’s there by design of the people who designed the forum software. It’s not important at all, but again, it doesn’t really degrade the experience. Most people will probably ignore it. Some people will find it cheesy.

Now lets move on to the AWE discussion.

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Like this?

@tallakt I do not buy you liked it for technical reasons or to advance the “AWE discussion”. The result is quite the opposite. That can confirm what Doug wrote:

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Do not forget that those who like to judge are also judged.

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Hmmmm, It sounds cool…
As long as my house isn’t blown off the nest like this little albatross chick waiting for the energy to come home… And the daddy albatross recognises where to drop the energy packet…
sad :cry:

OK… I may have taken that analogy too far now.

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Do not worry. Your “comment” is already as far as possible from this topic.

You can flag a comment if you think it is off-topic, or something else.

You rightly move this off-topic mockery with my answer of course. I flag very few posts. I have only sent a private message to @Rodread. I cannot reproduce his answer here, and flagging his message is not more needed.

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Everyone knows what “likes” are. Duh. This looks like the typical degeneration of an “AWE discussion” to people nitpicking the style of posts, trying to censor each other, etc. Sad that people have such a urge to control what others say. I guess when you have nothing left to say about AWE, you can project your vast power by saying what you think other people should be allowed to say. Maybe whether their joke is valid, etc. Well as long as we’re talking about our local weather conditions, here, we’re expecting a blizzard here in Southern California. Global warming. I hope no movie stars have their hair messed up!
Active Weather Alerts
Winter Storm Warning
Issued: 4:32 AM Nov. 26, 2019 – National Weather Service


  • WHAT…Heavy snow expected. Travel will be very difficult to
    impossible, including on Wednesday and Thanksgiving. Damage to
    trees and power lines is possible. Total snowfall accumulations
    of 3 to 6 inches between 4000 and 4500 feet, 6 to 18 inches from
    4500 to 5500 feet, and from 1 to 3 feet above 5500 feet.
    Snowfall for lower elevations below 4000 feet of 1 to 3 inches,
    mostly for late Thursday through Friday. Strong southwest winds
    are likely on Wednesday with gusts 50 to 70 mph along the ridges
    and desert slopes.

  • WHERE…The San Bernardino County mountains, Riverside County
    mountains, Santa Ana Mountains, and the San Diego County
    mountains, mostly above 5500 feet on Wednesday, above 4500 feet
    for Wednesday night and Thursday, and above 3000 to 3500 feet
    for Thursday night through Friday.

  • WHEN…4 AM Wednesday to 10 PM Friday.

  • ADDITIONAL DETAILS…Be prepared for significant reductions in
    visibility at times.


A Winter Storm Warning for snow means severe winter weather
conditions are expected. If you must travel, keep an extra
flashlight, food and water in your vehicle in case of an

For road condition information in California…enter
8 0 0 4 2 7 7 6 2 3 if inside california or
9 1 6 4 5 5 7 6 2 3 if outside California.

Flash Flood Watch
Issued: 4:14 AM Nov. 26, 2019 – National Weather Service


The National Weather Service in San Diego has expanded the

  • Flash Flood Watch to include a portion of southwest
    California…including the following…Riverside County …
    Mountains…San Bernardino County Mountains…San Diego County
    Mountains and San Gorgonio Pass Near Banning.

  • From late tonight through Thursday evening.

  • Rainfall of 2 to 3 inches is possible, especially on coastal
    mountain slopes. Rainfall rates in excess of one-half inch per
    hour are possible in the stronger showers and isolated
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  • The snow level will be lowering with heavy rainfall
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  • Locally heavy rainfall could produce flash flooding, with the
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A Flash Flood Watch means that conditions may develop that lead
to flash flooding. Flash flooding is a very dangerous situation.

Monitor forecasts and be prepared to take action should Flash
Flood Warnings be issued.

I interpret the Math & Physics category to be about better understanding the Math and Physics of AWE.

You have not demonstrated “cosine gain” to have prior usage in AWE. It is instead your own work. Until it has more support I don’t think it has a place in the Math & Physics forum. We go there to learn more about the Math & Physics surrounding AWE, not read about and argue with a man making up words.

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Windy Skies,

Engineering science is not helped by your intolerance of any original technical usage, under your moderation.

At least the term “Cosine Gain” has hereby been introduced in AWE, for those able to understand its basis across all disciplines.

Once again, all the other non-controversial technical sharing, like where “cosine loss” was first applied, is crudely moderated by you.

A category for “kite art” could be open, allowing using data and terms from the art, and that are not taken into account in pure science.

I agree engineering is the art of applying science
not the practice of applying art as fact