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A very amoral dishonest “law” by a weapons systems engineer reflecting the implicit lack of ethics of that profession. This is junk wisdom by someone who has made failed systems, or systems that kill just as intended.


While Law 25 above is sociopathic, Engineering has its golden precepts, like KIS and Murphy’s Law, and classic texts like Soul of a New Machine and The One Horse Shay. No one in our time is a better teacher of what an engineer should be than Henry-

Kidder’s classic applies to the drama of AWE-



NASA test video referenced in another video linked on the forum:


Is this the future of yo-yo AWES transmissions:


Further discussion on this here: Magnomatics’ patented Pseudo Direct Drive (PDD®)

Potential technology for MAWES launch
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Pretty impressive actually

This robot has some eerie similarities to cockroaches (playlist)

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Airspeeder - The team and process

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A large polar moment of inertia was the main driver for me choosing to investigate Tensile Rotary Power Transmission using large diameter rigid rings (polygons now) and multiple connecting lines.

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