Secret Life of Kites- Race Kite Engineering and Practical Lessons

Race kites have emerged as top speed performers in power kite sports, however, they are less forgiving and require top piloting skills to be effective. Comparison of regular sport kites with race kites can be extrapolated to analytic comparison of AWES power-kites to rigid wings generally. Race kites are faster, with higher mass-to-area, but not as powerful by power-to-mass as slower SS (single-skin) wings.

This FLYSURFER SONIC RACE kite page nicely lays out advancing race-kite design-

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Perhaps, but also comparison of regular wind turbines can be extrapolated to analytic comparison of AWES rigid wings to rigid blades.

As we want extrapolate, we must not forget AWES intend to be wind energy devices.

Its a weaker extrapolation because “regular wind turbines” are not designed to fly (cannot fly), and also because almost anyone in AWE can test a regular power kite against a race kite, to directly experience the performance and operational trends between those close, but distinguishable, wing classes.

Of course, otherwise they would already be AWES.

That’s why all the extrapolations from HAWTs to AWE have been problematic. Its not even the same wind resource. Regular kite folks never even think to compare their kites that way, but they will compare two similar kites keenly.

Similar kites…
Ahhh tie them together and see what happens.
Lots of similar kites… Lots of tying together.