There seems to be a wee upsurge of media on AWES
Is promotion before conference a thing?
Good to see pieces on Twing tec

and Makani doing the rounds

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An extract is below:

" “I doubt if we will see our drones flying over every house or neighbourhood in the country”, Luchsinger admits. “Financially it would not be worth it, apart from the limitations on flying over built-up areas.”

Andrew Canning, spokesman for WindEurope external link , the association for wind energy in Europe , places Twingtec firmly in a category of niche power technologies that “are not able to help countries to bring their power emissions to a halt and significantly reduce them” because of high costs and a lack of large-scale testing."

It sounds different.

Article 1: “Wind blows up to eight times faster at a height of 500 metres than it does at 120 metres,”
This is wrong. “Journalists” get everything wrong. Easy to see someone said twice as fast, someone else said 8 times the power, so the “journalist” “reports” “8 times as fast”…
Article 2: " Currently only 6 per cent of the world’s energy comes from wind power."
This is also wrong. You see this all the time. People start with “grid electricity”, which is a fraction of “energy” (includes transportation, heating, industrial processes, using fossil fuels), but they then ignore MOST “energy” and instead pretend just the grid electricity comprises ALL energy. This leads to the false statement that the world gets 6% of all energy from the wind, which is simply not true at all. I’d suggest maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of that. As usual, “journalists” get everything wrong.
So what you’re reading is not really “AWE news” in the sense you would hope, but just more regurgitated crapola that we’ve been hearing from these companies for years, stated as fact, while the least bit of actually reading the articles reveals the material as inaccurate, starting with the most basic precepts.