Welcomes to AWES & Introductions

I recently had to make a 1 min pitch introduction to what I do.
Can we present a collection of similar introduction to AWES videos here?


Waiting for other AWES videos!

Great idea!
I like this one by the YT channel real engineering very much:

ewindsolutions have a nice one as well:
(has a few dubious claims, but the illustrations are nice and it’s simple)

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kPower offers more accurate and balanced introductory AWE media, and better production-values, than the other ventures and media-producers.


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@kitefreak is this video from you ?I mean did you produce it ?

I am the initiating producer, along with Ed Sapir. The AWE Documentary is an open collaborative kPower project. Chase Honaker is the talented Director, based in Austin. Feel free to have Kiwee represented for its fine work in upcoming versions. We are also looking for an EU media partner to carry forward EU production. Its not a marketing effort, but a serious documentary. There has been early discussion with National Geographic representatives. The main slow-up is the story needs a few more years to unfold.

Crikey I’m still wearing the same clothes as in the AWES documentary.
Still “Rags”
It just needs a few rotary kites that doc :wink:
This Popular Science video introducing Daisy was v popular (clue in name) https://www.facebook.com/PopSci/videos/10154886432441411/
Doug had some high performing vids I think

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Nice! The number of people who have seen the video and commented on it is really high!
Could only dream of such numbers of engagement e.g. for the awesystems twitter account.
A bit sad, that the big colourful soft kites are gone. Made for a nice visual.

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