What are suitable components, features and methods toward a viable AWES?

I ask some small questions which can be completed.

About components:

  • Rigid or/and flexible kite?

  • Groundgen (yoyo, torsion transfer, loop belt, carousels…) or flygen?

About features:

  • Stationary swept area (all excepted yoyo) or swept area going downwind (yoyo)?

  • Stationary main tether(s) (@Kitewinder, @Rodread’s Daisy and other rotors, and also Y configuration with dancing crosswind kites) or moving main tether (“simple” crosswind kites) within stationary swept area (flygen like Makani), or within swept area going downwind (yoyo like @Kitepower, Ampyx, Kitemill…)?

  • Kite-farm or network (Daisy) or other?

About methods:

  • Start small then growing?

  • Marketing in all steps, comprising small devices?

  • Using artificial intelligence?

  • Open R&D and sharing?

Beside it some ratios could be useful:

  • Power/weight ratio or power/kite area, which are the most used ratios, favoring crosswind kites.

  • Power/space ratio, which can be useful as there are some possibility of no secondary use (no fly-zone, no inhabitants, no farming or fishing unless devices are included) due to risks that are compounded with simple (without Y configuration) crosswind kites.

Viable or desirable?
Viable could be a flappy flag giving shade.

Desirable on the other hand…
Operational redundancy
Safety built in
Modularity for deployment
Scalability… Lets kick the shit out of the power system kinda scalability whatever scale you meet it at niche or utility


You described some expected advantages while I mentioned technical components and features of which some are able to gather some of these advantages.