Will KiweeOne be funded?

You might consider it. Right after a successful crowdfunding there is optimism and you have proven the existence of customers. BUT - many report that getting to delivery is often harder and more costly than expected. I think it can ve a good idea to spread the risk at that point to make sure you have the backing to complete the delivery in a good way, even if you spend more than your budget.

If you wait until you have spent all the crowdfund money, you will be in a worse process for negotiations


Almost funded!! Just 135€ missing. So exciting! :grinning:


Goal is reached! Congratulations @Kitewinder!


Congratulations @Kitewinder!

Concratulations @Kitewinder! It going to be exciting to see where this story goes


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Thanks guys for the sUpport. That is really kind to all of you.
Regarding blade manufacture, we have already explore many possibilities but we haven’t done anything with thermoforming. To be more precise we have done thermoforming but it was to built blade molds. You can open a thread on that, I think it could be interesting!
BTW, the crowd is not finished, still 4 days left. Keep pushing, forwarding.

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Wow, 5k€ over funding goal now!

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Dear members,

As you might as seen, we just finished our Crowd campaign yesterday. Around 65 Kiwee will soon travel around the world in countries like : Brazil, Phillippines, Canada, Danemark, France of course and Kirghizstan. I would like to thanks all of you for your kind support during this important step for kitewinder.
You will soon hear from us, during release phase in august but also for our next product whose development phase will start just after first kiwee release. This new product is part of the “investissement d’avenir program” from which we are laureate in april 2018.


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Using a hoist (palan)?

No @PierreB it is within the right angle transmission system. Pulley and belt right angle with ratio>1.

Please note that a short video has just been released that figure out where Kiwee One has been sold so far. available on our FB Page https://www.facebook.com/kitewinder/
Have a good day


YOU DID IT!!! I just recieved this and I am deeply impressed by the level of engineering and product development that I have in front of me. I can see the thousands of hours of suffering that have gone into this. Congratulations and mad respect, Olivier!!!

I have to do some travelling until September so I will not be able to test it - which is driving me insane :slight_smile: But I will report back once I’m back.

Again: Congratulations to your success - the product looks like it delivers everything you promised. And hey, has Tesla ever delivered on time :wink:



Congrats @Kitewinder! Any updates you’d like to share?

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Thanks Christof for your support.
Traitement données Molene.xlsx (2.9 MB)
Actually we have a nice update on Kiwee. We made a 2 weeks long test on Molene island which is 15 km off from Brest City. The French agency for Energy ( ADEME ) who granted us 3 years ago asked us to validate a 250h long test with 80W mean power. We just come back from this test and I thought you guys might be interested in discovering the raw data of the experience. We ended up doing 92W mean power during 110 hours of flight in 7 days. We also have some better feedback on the product. This is especially relevant for you christof who buy one. We did the testing with a 4 m² and 8 m² peter lynn kite. Those kite are not what we supply because of price issues. The blue kite we supply is clearly less stable than a peter Lynn Kite. Also I would recommend to use a 8m² peter lynn in case of low winds.
We have had the opportunity to compare a classical wind turbine of the same rotor size than kiwee One. We have been really astonished by the results. it seems that a regular wind turbine is far less productive than an airborne one and that is mainly due to turbulence. We had a 6 meter high mast for that experiment and kiwee One was running at it’s basic altitude ( 40 meters roughly) .
We will evolve from kiwee One two Kiwee One + in the following months because we discover we just need some minor tuning to be able to harness wind up to 60 km/h with kiwee. We will enhance the power output, set a larger battery that will allow to deal with gust easily and use a larger generator. With all that, I think we could reach 4 kwh per day ( official best : 2,4 kWh in 16 hours ). We will also propose the product with the small kite and the large one and add a pair of longer blades for small winds. That will come out at around 1500 euros and will be specially marketed for electricity acess.
if you want to work on data : WIN is production in Watts , WOUT is output power in Watts , Batt_I is the battery Current in mA, RPM is the generator speed ( divide by 1.64 to obtain the blade speed ) I_MOT is the current inside the generator in mA, BATT is the battery level in %


Impressive results :slight_smile:


That’s remarkable.
Well done team @Kitewinder on bringing a genuinely useful AWES product to the world!!

Impressive video. It seems like the turbine, which produces constant 200 W, works also as a stabilizer (like a tail) for the kite.
I just saw (again?) that this video was available for 3 years: Will KiweeOne be funded? - #65 by Kitewinder .

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www.kitewinder.fr We have succefully tested kiwee our airborne wind turbine on Molene Island (west france) during 10 days with an average production of 91W

Congratulations to @Kitewinder.

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