100kW motor controller Open Source Hardware

Have you seen this absolute monster?

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For people like me who’ve never built a generator:
What can one do with that, which wasn’t possible befor?

super snazzy fast control of any 3 phase motor gen
The sniff it and see wizzards the first time you connect a VESC type to basically any 3 phase motor … are a miracle
after a few seconds you have this incredibly smooth control which would have taken me years to configure

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Would one use a three-phase gernator for a final awes design? It will always have to be rectified and smoothed and such and maybe reconverted, right?

I’ve used a 5 phase for AWES before, now use a 3
It’s all there in the ESC

@Tom kiwee use such motor. We use to use VESC controller before. We have now upgraded to our proprietary design.
For remote app, most generator are 3 phase brushless motor because of high effectiveness and performance on a wide speed range.

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