3D Aouinian kinematics

Does anyone know about tyre wind converter?

I am unable to find this 3D Aouinian kinematics

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Aaahw… no…

On the surface of the idea I immediately see some issues:

  • very small swept area relative to wing area
  • the wings are not moving fast in crosswind direction
  • the conversion of energy from this movement seems difficult from a mechanical point of view
  • energy produced is not continuous. The problem with this is mostly a lower average power yield
  • how can this design have a huge wind range
  • there may be problems with wing stiffness in larger scales

Though winged flight like this is interesting, personally I dont find this design has much potential for power production.


Thankyou sir for your insights


Dont stop looking at the crazy ideas though. Suddenly you might find something interesting. I just dont think personally this one is a good start. There’s a certain chance I’m wrong as well.