A DAO for AWES development

So blockchain
It did things for finance
It is starting to also work for industrial governance using decentralised trustless networks for cooperation.

Caveat - these industries are traditional

Without a standard working product - this is likely too hard to implement as a production model for AWES…

But could AWES design coordination be decentralised?

We have a forum with members across the globe,
With broad views and expertise.

Could tokenising development work help to build consensus on a variety of worthwhile AWES design and prototype test decisions?

There are far more AWES engineers (and wannabe AWES engineers) than projects - and we are spread thin across the globe.
Collaboration can only speed up AWES development even in the circumstances where the designs will fail.

Example https://wayacollective.com/

DAO (decentralised autonomous organization)
DAPP (decentralised application /smart contracts)

Right - Who’s in?

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