A Wind of Change in Braking Systems for Power Generation


Who uses hydraulic brakes in AWE? Offshore? I can only imagine Ampyx needing this, but for what I dont know. Maybe stopping the reel in quickly during landing…

When I tested a rigid ring rotor for the first time with 8 kites way back in 2014
I used a ridiculously oversized
Hand-knob Brake caliper device from Manual Levers and Handknobs - Howdon torque limiters and industrial brakes
Later let a pal use it for his yacht prop driveshaft

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Thousands of articles on wind energy always using the taglines “winds of change” or “blowin’ in the wind”, always thinking they are being uniquely clever as journalists. Similar to would-be wind energy innovators, so often repeating past mistakes of previous would-be innovators…
All stumble along well-worn paths, thinking they are blazing a new trail.

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