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How many papers, directly related to awes, do you estimate are out there?

That’s my estimate

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That’s a lot. Would have guessed fewer.
20 years with 4 papers each would be 80 papers.

“403” is still too low figure if closely related papers are counted. Topics include tethered-aviation papers in many forms, plus wind power and sailing sources, plus vast troves of directly applicable science, including kites, polymers, dynamical physics, and technical reports. No one can draw a clear line defining “academic” writing. Then there is the problem of lumping weak papers from academia, counting credentials over non-credentialed sources, like patents, forums, and commercial technical content.

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Definitely only going to list papers referencing awes directly.
Will be searchable at some point. Weak stuff can stay in as long as the noise doesn’t get too high.
Might list patents as well.
Going to try to automate bibtex (citation markup file format) import.
$edit = (‘Making progress. Found a parser and got it to work’)
$edit2 = (‘bibtex to sql works. Now write something to have it do that for all files in a directory’)
$edit3 = (‘So that works now. Let’s see if it’s easy enough to get bibtex or if this was all a waste of time.’)

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Cited by Loyd and Culp, this is the great classic in AWE-

George Pocock, The Aeropleustic Art or ‘Navigation in the Air by the Use of Kites or Buoyant Sails’, 1827

Oh god, I wasted so much time:
I can put bibtex files in a folder, run two scripts and get a table. But that’s only useful for publications that are registered on and I still need to manually download the files.
Guess one can’t automate that. To do it properly one would have to do a lot of manual data entry. How do actual researchers find stuff? Why isn’t there one big database of science?
Also: I’d like to make it an actual part of the relational database, linking it to tables of people, organizations and journals.
… doable, but I’m not going to put effort in without compensation.

You for example go to the university library website of your choice and do a search (example), to search in different databases. Then if you don’t have access to a journal, look for the article on LibGen.

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What’s the first journal that comes to mind?

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