Active radar using passive kite antenna reflector

Oddball thought

Can we use passive materials inside wings to act as focusing reflectors for ground based active radar equipment?
Was watching Unveiling the Future of Antennas and RF Lenses using Radix™ 3D printable material! - YouTube

So say inside our wing we had a curved or gradient spaced gyroid material like
Variable refractive index dielectric foam coated with metals which would effect a beam spread of ~25° (defocuss)
And we blast it with radar data from the ground
Would this save weight on our AWES and make it more efficient?

Radar conspicuity is a big focus of Task 48 WP3 and U-Space regulations

So reflecting, bending, redirecting and generally turning kites into omnidirectional beacons would be great

I used to do some semi nerdy electromagnetic communication stuff but heffed if I know…