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ETP Funding for the research into Daisy kite systems runs out at the end of February.
AWESCO was funded until 2018.

From now on, Will we have to consult holy scriptures to answer… “Whose kite would win in a fight?..” Or do you know of ongoing AWES research and development activities, opportunities, funding etc

What does the end of funding for Daisy mean for your work?

Please tell us more about this funding!
How much did you get and how did you use it?

It’s an interesting question. If this is about subsidies I suggest moving the topic to Laws & Regulations.

My work on Daisy is not profitable yet. W&I is a Ltd company and I’m hoping one day to turn profit. However without actively seeking patents (yet) W&I is not a gleaming investment.

The ETP funding ETP KEN II Industrial Engagement Fund Award Project No PJ0186-W was for collaboration with University of Strathclyde on
Development of Airborne Wind Energy System with Rotary Kites - Daisy Roots
The end of the funding means, once the report is handed in, W&I and Strathclyde are more likely to be approved for further enterprise development funding … No idea what alternative funding is available in Enterprise Scotland or elsewhere…
It may be that a charitable research company would be a better wrapper for investments into this research. (Please someone else come on board and play business)
The grant to W&I was only to cover part of the expense of prototyping materials = around £3.5k
Very little. So it didn’t make a huge difference… maybe I’ll do some sensible work to cover some continued costs (Gives my wife a break. Poor Kirsty has like 4 jobs)

In terms of return on the research. This project has kicked (Name your AWES project of choice) up the arse square with a hefty size 15 steel toe wellie.

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