Aenarete - new 500W system in development

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This is really interesting. We will have an equivalent product within 3 years. Mainly for off grid residential in remote area such as islands.


We don’t know what their timeline is. They definitely have the advantage of having the flight control expertise. The founder has done his Phd at the TUDelft, presumably in that field.


Is there a presentation of their actual product? I did not find much with my quick search…


Only little information available. The one dutch article and roland schmehls retweet is all I’ve got.


Kitewinder stands a good chance against TUDelft’s high-complexity AWE thinking, based on conjectured poor reliability statistics of active-control-dependent rigid-kites, as a class. To settle doubts, we await lifecycle flight-reliability data from TUDelft’s spin-offs. I expect KiteWinder’s empirical low-complexity passive-controlled approach to easily prevail in comparative testing against concepts like Aenarete’s, based on well known principles (like KIS). Uwe is a great AWE researcher to represent the high-complexity approach for small AWES design


Well, we are currently developing a complete system, even though this is not yet reflected on our website.

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Yes, just remembered that!

Not the smallest one though :wink: @Kitewinder have their 100W system for sale right now.

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Well, 1.4 kW peak, 8 kWh yearly average per day electrical power at wind conditions as in Cabauw, The Netherlands.
12 kWh per day in optimal wind conditions.
Price increased to 4000 EUR, including a 1 kWh battery.
You can pre-order:
Fully automatic launch and landing. :slightly_smiling_face:
Delivery in 2020.


Wow! That’s big news! :grinning:
You’d be the first to bring a system with automatic launch and landing to market
Is that official? Please remember that the forum is public.

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Well, that is our plan. You can pre-order. We still must discuss the details of the conditions. But if you pay something in advance, you will get it refunded in case we cannot deliver in 2020. I implemented - together with the e-kite team - automatic launch and landing even in strong and gusty wind conditions already in 2017, so I know how to do that. And making a small system work is much faster than designing and testing a large scale system.


Interesting news. Looking forward to have more infos on this product. This is a chance for awes. System ready and available. I also start to share all news on all ventures on LinkedIn because I think it benefit all team.
KITEWINDER will propose an equivalent solution ready 2021 for info. Price still secret even if I already have a precise idea about that.
Uwe Did you get pre-order yet? Did you have something to show about that product?


We are working on a preliminary data sheet. Keep you updated when it is ready!


What about pre order?
No news of Uwe about product or pre-order.
Hard to believe something will come out next year. I used to have the same reply about datasheet when I had not much to show.
If such a product is on its way, you shall start to show something, explain who are your customers, how to pre order and market your product. shooting a price and a predicted power then disappearing is counter productive
Sorry Uwe, just a cold blood analysis. I will be really happy if something comes out next year for aenerate.