Airborne aeromine

I’m wondering if AWE could get an airborne aeromine up and running but in kite form? if so many of them in a stacked configuration?
I had an a while back contacted dyson to see if he would like the opportunity of developing such a device considered his dyson fans & hovers. Pattern infringements and all that jazz.Got no reply back then. Was unemployed and really could have done with the work. I got as far as a plywood mock then steel steel shelving unit. For those technopunk quality people love so much. so I’m throwing out this there as I reckon it could be made airborne. Made quite functional with a higher output. Especially if it can be run at altitude. I’m almost thinking captain scarlet and sky base. Or marvels helicarrier. Drop in let us know what you think?

A video is on:

Aeromine design looks a little like Skypull:

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It does alittle. nacelle pod is more my kind of thinking with the whole thing. looking a lot like the underslung fuel pods with turbines inside. Or fully embedded turbine generator. Much like
7BA1EB07-9824-4468-AFCB-3B019E26F459.tiff (1.1 MB)
But also like or
FE59E2B7-2F60-481C-98C0-4411FDDDB515.tiff (588.3 KB) like a modified mankani type. Or even
01D2DB06-0161-49DF-B0DF-BBD1EC3D4CDC.tiff (1.2 MB)
Box kite style
Also can be improved with a vortex tech to increase low pressure draw in the turbine.
So who fancy bolting a turbo to a kite?


At 1 min in Skypull intended to launch a 25kW demonstrator ~june 2021
Any news on that?
I’m no good with deadlines…

This is, I guess, the discussion of «can we scale down AWE»?

I think wind gradient and turbulence will kill a tiny concept, in particular if you place the kite in a residential area.

Longer tethers and more mass are both showstoppers at this small scale. Imagine a tether hanging across a street or a kite landing into a crowded space. It would have to be soft or weight in the «grams» region

I dont se a 5 kW at a rooftop ever.

I dont think you could assume that safety of AWE could be solved for a rig being placed at a random location with poor maintenance.

Maybe something TRPT with shorter tethers could be slightly better suited for such installations.

Though, a regular HAWT seems superior in most respects to anything airborne

Regarding the Aeromine, I think maybe they dont completely understand the difference between power and force. Once you start removing air from a foil to harvest energy, that pressure difference may not be capable of sustaining a large flow of air.

To have an idea about the energy output you would need to know the pressure difference and the flow for a certain windspeed.

Add al the indirectness of extracting energy, like transporting fast moving air through pipes and a secondary turbine, I am pretty sure you are better off with the solar panels or maybe just grid power…

Retrospectively whatever the scale be that 1m*. 75m*.25m or a mass rig big enough to land aircraft on? I’d would concur with the placement of it would be a primary issue. Obviously residential areas would have and issues to due to falling debris. So this would suit open spaces much better be that next generation wind replacement for current onshore/offshore units it a good use of Bernoulli’s principle.

To make good use of what you’re given. Increase the volume of the flow must have some advantages? If you can Maintain a ratio pressure differential similar to a tornado? Most destructive thing knows to occur due to low pressure system moving vast volume of air at pace.

If efficiency could increase? it would be worth taking a look. Especially if you could match Francis turbines. For efficiency.

There also arguments about how direct things are In real life anyway? I wonder if aviation could benefit from this sort of thing being up scaled?

I suspect aspects of the b2 could be used with modified spars and airframe to achieve similar effect to the aeromine as target vents would still work. As displayed on previous cross section. Sprit kite able to carry the turbine would be my kind of thinking. Never mind the industries it could save.

Trust wing.stl (172.7 KB) ok been doing some work. Based on the areomine, and anti stall technology. I’m Just learning to use Tinkercad. So might be the odd discrepancy. I think it a good head start but would appreciate input. I can see a compound wing design. Would be easy to make and it wouldn’t need to be 3D printed. Thin acrylic sheets, plywood or anything thin and bendy enough would do. Plenty of lift and low pressure zones especially if there the right kind of stacking going on. Though power modules are not shown here they could easily fit in to the pontoons at the end of each wing.