Airborne Wind Players Still Hoping for Takeoff After Alphabet Ditches Makani

An extract:
“Definitely, it’s a challenge for us,” said Zillmann at Airborne Wind Europe. “The question is how much funding we [will] need to be as competitive as wind turbines.”

Is this the main question?


Good point Pierre: It’s been said the key to getting the right answers is asking the right questions. In this case, “The question” seems to keep repeating: “How much money can we raise?” Well, I’d say McBlarney, with their almost unlimited funding, answered that question: It doesn’t matter, since zero times any number is still zero. A bullet of any size, aimed incorrectly, will not hit the target. “We need a bigger bullet!” No, you need to aim in the right direction. My take is people need to start asking a better variety of questions. Seems possible the answer might be found without having to spend much money. Certainly, “just raising a lot of money” is not guaranteed to bring success. To me, if you can’t power one house, thinking you have to build it bigger and you’ll power a thousand houses is foolhardy. “But people won’t take us seriously unless we build a really BIG one!” OK but isn’t that “The Professor Crackpot Syndrome” in action? - How well has it worked so far?

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I needed to comment on that article.
Remiss to say the least.

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