Airseas on CNN

Wow. Huge PR opportunity for Airseas

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Gosh, this is great “news”! Pulling ships by kite! “Cutting down” emissions… I can’t wait to see all the ships being pulled by kites, now that I saw this article! Hey, I’ve got an idea! Let’s all hold our breaths until all ships are pulled by kites!

Not so much news as good publicity. Front page of CNN it pretty hard to get

One thing I learned: News doesn’t matter if your shit isn’t going to work out anyway.
What matters is how it works, not CNN looking for another “story”…

Kite pulling a ship has been done. First conceived by Dave Culp’s KiteShip (USA) and demonstrated eventually by KiteSails (Germany). Airseas now treadng the path shows confidence in the tradition.
My observation here as an AWE enthusiast is: that Ship-pulling, the most accomplished AWE feat to-date has been by means of sports Style power kites and not Makani style ‘kite-copters’.
Any lesson herein for other applications in development?

As one who envisioned kites pulling ships as a no-brainer slam-dunk surefire success decades ago, I would point out that so far, all we get are kites “pulling” ships already under engine power, supposedly “lowering” fuel use, but never to the point that anyone is compelled to continue the attempts. And any attempts with a smaller “ship” seem to involve mostly solar panels and probably backup diesel.
I would once again point out, we never seem to see a ship of any significant size utilizing kites as a major source of power. Seems like it’s always an optional add-on for bucket-list demos, then the kite is stowed and life goes on.