All about UV degradation

Any content on the subject welcome.

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The good news is that anti-UV fabric protection is quite effective if applied and maintained properly. Aircraft fabric can last well over a decade outdoors, while still meeting specified performance.

This is a prolific Old Forum topic to mine; polymer-by-polymer, treatment-by-treatment. There are a few hidden lessons, like how a protection coat may crack if it is not renewed, or if the base fabric stretches too much, and the UV damage then proceeds in the cracks.

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Is there any collection of that knowledge? (and don’t say: Just look in the old forum)
I’d be happy to publish such a thing or link to it.
Now I would have some observation about “laminated complex” as the layers tend to be separated with UV and also abrasion after thousands hours.

UV resistance is well explained as all layers are UV resistant. I would add separation of layers is not possible with XF-film. But it has a low dimensional stability making it not suitable as such for efficient crosswind power kites.