American Offshore Energy (AOE) Files New Floating Wind Turbine Design

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“It goes back to our ‘No Shaft’ design,” says CTO Drew Devitt about what distinguishes AOE from other VAWT offerings. “All the other VAWT offerings employ a center shaft. The center shaft VAWT have an advantage over HAWTs in regard to floating, by having the mass of the bearings, gearbox and generator at or below sea level. But they still are on the wrong end of 10 to 1 leverage, and in their case, this force is transmitted through rolling element bearings. And still, they need a gearbox, as generating power at 10 RPM would require a huge generator. The cost, the shafted VAWTs will pay, that shafted HAWT guys do not have, will be trying to keep saltwater out of oil-lubricated turbine bearings, gearbox and generator that is at or below sea level.”

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More American AWES research on the way hopefully

Airborne Wind Energy Research and Development Act Referred to the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.

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