Ampyx Power AP-3 assembly

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AP-2 (might run with AP-3 software)

Does anybody knows somebody @ampyx? Would be great to know more about them.
It 's a long time they are working on that prototype, I would say 2 years at least.

Nope, but I have to congratulate them on being the most open company of the bigger ones. They share a lot of technical details and progress updates.
Something people might only find out through connections at other companies is shared by ampyx publically.

An elderly Chinese woman has sewn giant Peter Lynn wings. You could say he’s “super proud” of her.

AP3 assembly is safe PR on Ampyx’s part. The challenge for Ampyx is to log many flying hours for essential merit, but the accumulated risk of crashing a giant composite kiteplane is a PR nightmare that could end the company. They will likely do as their AWEC partner, Makani, does; fly briefly with fingers-crossed, and announce victory; without public flight logs, measured power curves, or crash reports. This will keep the venture capital pipeline flowing.

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