Ampyx Power AP-3 assembly


Good pictures of what high-complexity kiteplane production jobs will be like, trapped indoors handling toxic materials, for AWES intended to operate in the glorious outdoors, without human assistance.

Low-complexity “rag and string” reverses this formula: SS kites might roll out of an automated factory at several km/hr, and the many kite-pro jobs would be outdoors, sailing in the sky, with supervised auto-piloting, and cold beer.

Nice to have both scenarios in play.


Ordering parts, parts arriving, future plans to power the grid: typical AWE news. What about “renting office space”? So when this is all due to come together and start powering the grid, should we expect the typical AWE cone-of-silence news blackout?


We could make predictions on that. AP-3 is their last pre-commercial prototype.
They need to at least finish building that and test it and then build another one. Their first commercial system might not be utility scale. So I’d say that there won’t be anything happening soon.

There’s a bunch of new info on their site.


Made a poll:

Let’s see who’s best at predicting project success and failure.

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Ampyx Power have added a lot of information on AP-3 and a bunch of pictures on their website:


We’re really getting a lot of detail here. There’s a picture of the inside of AP-3 with ribs and everything.
A lot of stuff to discuss, but people here aren’t very intersted in that.