Anyone looking for a new Airport AWES Test centre... Shetland

We’ve moved to Shetland recently.
Another windy Island.
There’s an airport recently closed which used to serve the offshore sector.
Anyone want to relocate to test in Scatsta Shetland?

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Thats more or less halfway between UK and Norway? And many restaurants in the city of Lerwick… better than Lista?

Question is, how is the kiting and surf? :wink:

Ha ha city
Lerwick is nice. Got some windsurfing in the harbour yesterday. Fooled around on Bana Minn beach again today like this

Yes that was me doing the poo stance… I was a lot better today

Restaurants are more open again now.
It’s still Scotland but with a strong Viking identity.

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Sounds like it could form the basis for another vaporware press-release energy company. Because the only thing lacking has been a decent place to test - an open space with wind. I can just picture ten years of Makani/Altaeros/Magenn/KPS/Minesto endless “bridge-to-nowhere” “press-release breakthroughs”:

  1. A series of highly-announced promises of "how many hundred homes “will be” powered by an envisioned new system;
  2. Promotion pictures showing how many flies it takes to prove that eating **** is indeed the right choice (the obligatory group-selfies…) If you have any doubts, just look at the convincing smiles of all those gullible - er um I mean, highly-skilled kids)
  3. An announcement that Bill Gates thinks it has a ten percent chance of succeeding so people will throw money at it…
  4. some reviews from PhD-level “professional” technology reviewers explaining how there should be a 100 kW product on the market “next year”
  5. A series of disappointing newsflashes about how testing is only allowed during certain times of year, due to birds, Shetland ponies, etc., or that there was a delay due to a problem laying a cable - whatever it takes to avoid testing;
  6. A series of wannabe, substitute “news” articles feigning progress, such as " we rented office space!" or “We assembled the craft (again)!”, “We got a further government-sponsored grant”, "We presented a “paper” at a “conference”, or “We’re preparing for next season”, “we ordered some parts!” or maybe “we’re waiting for approval”…
  7. “Hail-Mary” announcements of upcoming collaborations and “strategic partnerships” with major oil companies and middle-eastern sultanates to “drive the final nail into the coffin” of those dastardly hydrocarbons;
  8. More “Hail-Mary” announcements that the company is suddenly transitioning to enabling wifi for the masses in undeveloped areas - cuz that’s good too, right?
  9. An announcement for an auction of all the accumulated debris…
  10. Announcement of which surviving group-selfie company bought the “I.P.”…
    lather, rinse, repeat…
    Just sayin’…
    OK that was the humor part, now I would like to wish Roddy and his family a great, fun, happy, and successful life in their new home! :)))
    Roddy maybe you could buy the airport. Gotta be good for something. Maybe landing airplanes - who knows!
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That looks like a real world class flat water spot there. Currently investigating sailing Bergen-Shetland…

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Had a look around that ex-airport site today. Cool.
Loads of fast data there.
Still got the wind data live too. (with LIDAR)
Looking to see if I can get a hold of historic wind shear data.
Plenty of sites and space to test turbines going forward.
I really hope they don’t tear up the tarmac, Be so good to rip-wind there

No Shetland ponies on the runway to mince, so no excuses for not flying.
As for the photos Doug wants to see … This could be a great place for a smiling graduates pic…
There’s a massive oil and gas processing terminal hazing the background atmosphere.

And a visibility sensor

Handy to tell me when I’m going to lose my top kite.
Want to reconfigure a LIDAR to tell me how tightly expanded my rotor net is.

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That lidar <3 …

In a previous post

I gave some reasons why a shared AWES test site may not be economical…
However yet again the advantages of having EMEC for the marine energy community is security of large scale investment … It seems to pay off again and again.

The quality of data flowing from an openly competitive research field must be fantastic for development.
Yep, still up for joining any team for some side by side. Whether here there or anywhere.