Anything going on in AWE lately?

Just wondering… Seems like there hasn’t been much “news” lately.

I’d like it if we could make a bot that posted content from something like an RSS feed into a dedicated topic. RSS - Wikipedia

Comparison of feed aggregators - Wikipedia

Maybe @Lukas or @tallakt could look into something like this: Configure the Discourse RSS Polling Plugin - admins - Discourse Meta This seems to talk about creating a new topic for every new item, maybe it can post to a dedicated topic instead.

I am actually using a RSS feed for this forum. But I seem to be unable to see the feed url on my RSS reader. But the forum does support RSS

I am talking about the other way around. You’d add sites and search queries and twitter users and so on to the plugin that would then post to the forum, if I understand you correctly.

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Some search results:

AWEbox: An Optimal Control Framework for Single- and Multi-Aircraft Airborne Wind Energy Systems

Kitepower intern

Investigation and Optimisation of High-Lift Airfoils for Airborne Wind Energy Systems at High Reynolds Numbers

Large-Eddy Simulation of airborne wind energy systems wakes

Kitemill claims a new record of 5hours of continuous flight. I posted on the forum last year our results of 132 continuous flight hours…


Here is their own statement, which has more info and context: Kitemill Breaking Records for Automatic Operation It talks about a new endurance record for its own system, not AWE in general.

The article I linked in my previous comment has the handwavy Kitemill’s KM1 pilot system recently covered more than 500km during five hours of continuous operation, setting what is claimed to be a new record for AWE, which is bad writing as they should include a source of that claim, but still is probably true. Your system is stationary so that is a different record, and I don’t know what records SkySails set for example.

Hidde Vos presented on 8 June, Naomi Bouman and Jesse Hummel will present towards the end of June. Please join. Each presentation will take 30 - 35 minutes and there are 10 - 25 minutes for public Q&A by the candidate.


Thursday 29 June 2023 is the Design Synthesis Exercise symposium at TU Delft Aerospace Engineering, during which more than 30 student teams will present their projects. Each presentation is 25 minutes with 10 minutes Q&A.

Here is the complete schedule. Airborne wind energy is the topic of two projects:

Student team 19 will be presenting at 11:00 CET on
Design of a floating offshore airborne wind energy system (AWES) farm

Student team 20 will be presenting at 13:45 CET on
Automatic landing, storage and re-launching of a kite power system

The presentations will be live-streamed (links in the schedule and also here in this post).


This is tomorrow Thursday just so we dont miss it…

Interesting topics. Can we have links to the recordings of the presentations?

The Youtube live stream links above now link to the recordings.

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Many thanks. The write-up retains a future tense.