Are high altitude winds really predictable?

It is well documented that wind power and consistency increase with altitude, despite the decrease in air density. PDF available on

But are high altitude winds really predictable?

You can click anywhere on the globe map, and for different altitudes.

My first observation: for a same altitude wind speeds vary strongly. So the answer to the question would be negative except if the location is well known, although the flows are shifting.

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Wow, very cool map.
There’s another one like that which I learned about from hang gliding:

What I noticed around Southern California, with our 10,000 - 11,000 foot+ tall mountains is the winds at low elevations are completely dictated by the terrain, like water in a stream going around rocks, but the higher you go (click), the more constant the wind direction and speed becomes, until at a few miles high, it turns into just “the prevailing westerlies”, including the Jet Stream. Very interesting to see how meteorology is advancing. We used to have to tune in “THE news”, to hear “THE weather report”. Now we can just tune in our computer to whatever weather data we want to know. Amazing.