Are they ready to try again yet?

Once bitten twice shy …?
Or have we got a system and team up to the challenge?
Who’s in?

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In the photo we see two wind turbines. However, since Germany decided to supply a fossil-wind mix, CO2 has skyrocketed, while France with its nuclear power plants remains one of the most virtuous countries in terms of CO2 emissions. AWE could continue to favor itself by discredit the current wind energy which would use too many materials. This would facilitate a faster switch to nuclear power, as recommended by IPCC: IPCC report: more nuclear power is needed to meet the Paris agreement.

A good set of reality checks on the application
application.pdf (129.1 KB)

W&I is likely too small as it currently exists… Suggestions for how we can enable kite turbine research sought

I*'ve found these sort of contests can become a great distraction. There is an endless parade of them. Takes you from working on your actual art to filling out forms where you are encouraged to concoct overly-optimistic statements of how many million tons of CO2 your project “will” cause to be avoided, etc. Take all such statements and add them up and you’d find they are really just a heap of lies you “need” to tell, hoping they will throw you a bone, while they are really just sucking your imagination dry while you try to jump through their stupid “hoops”. They get you all hyped up thinking “if only I win, my troubles will be over!” (like McBlarney?) but in reality, it takes you off your game, reducing you to the level of the people you wait in line behind as they take all day buying lottery tickets at a convenience store. As one whose research has even been funded by the government, I can tell you most of this stuff is a waste of time. If you know what you are doing, do it. There is nothing stopping you. If you want to play these games, you are playing someone else’s game. Play your own game. What did they do for McBlarney? When you see a worm dangling in the water, look for the hidden hook. If you are an ant sniffing some free food, think of how you will feel as the hidden ingredient takes effect and you are upside-down with your legs twitching. I’ve tried a few of these contests like the GE Ecomagination Challenge for example. Just the application process is so exhausting you may realize at some point you could have put all that energy into offering a product, however simple or basic.
Every such contest further delays your actual progress. After a few such “can’t miss” “opportunities” you will have no energy left to actually DO anything. If you check my website, it’s still asking for people to click on this and that to support the GE Ecomagination Challenge. Today, GE has been kicked out of the Dow Jones Index and their stock is worth only about $6. Their price-to-earnings ratio is now infinity, since they no longer have any earnings, (or negative earnings) with many analysts predicting their impending demise. The accumulated disgust after falling for so many of these borderline scams can really end up having the opposite of the supposedly-intended effect, instead just using up your energy and taking the wind out of your sails.