Article on Kitekraft

Well here’s a link to the story:

Energy at half the cost, targeting remote islands, eliminating towers, “just the tips”, simply lower the kite in response to strong winds, taking up (flygen) where Makani left off…
Actually there is no need to read the article - you’ve heard it all so many times before! :slight_smile:

Here’s another article mentioning KiteKraft:

The main topic of THIS article is, once again, “Windcatch” (a popular name for proposed wind energy projects that never happen, by the way). Kitekraft’s airborne effort does get an honorable mention though.

Once again we read an article that speaks as though the design is already in operation, whereas not even a scale model is running. Once again, both technologies are said to produce electricity at about half the cost, except they go on to cite: " According to the company, the system’s [Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE)] is comparable to the price of the power grid — which in Norway and the U.S. is approximately $105 per megawatt-hour."
Now wait a minute, that is already up to the RETAIL price of electricity. Here in the U.S., windfarms are lucky to be paid $40/MWh.
Then they show the following image, saying five (5) of their units can make as much power as 25 large turbines that EACH appear to have about the same swept area as the Windcatcher arrays.

Now don’t get me wrong, I LIKE the idea of such arrays, but so far any such attempts at multiple smaller turbines on a single lateral support frame have not worked out due to mutually interfering oscillations.

These fluff articles do not seem to convey a factual picture of the true possibilities, exaggerating potential benefits while ignoring known pitfalls.
Just examine the first sentence:

“A Norwegian company developed a floating wind power system that provides the energy of 25 traditional wind turbines at roughly half the price.”

A total LIE! They haven’t “developed” ANYTHING, and their idea “provides” ZERO energy at this point in time and likely will never be built. It is JUST AN IDEA for heavens’ sake! Basically still at the “sketch-on-the-back-of-a-napkin” stage. And the company says it would take five (5) of their arrays to equal 25 regular turbines, not just one, but that claim STILL appears ridiculous based on visual swept area.
More press-release breakthroughs. All it takes is a rendering and bored magazines to repeat some artificially-cococted “hopeful-wannabe-news-of-the-future-stated-as-today’s-reality” hype.
I’d love to build a small version of such an array though. What the heck. Why not give it a try? Doubtful that these guys ever will though, in my opinion. :slight_smile: