AWEC 2020 Teleconference

Hi, @JoeFaust
do I interpret that correctly, that it’s not a time constrained or reviewed conference, but basically any content submitted online during 2020 can be seen as part of the AWEC teleconference?

@JoeFaust already provided some informations on:

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Sorry to be so blunt, but I predict this will fail. I don’t see a reason why calling it a conference would yield any more or better results than the usual online activities.

I’m a bit with Luke.

Lets rather make something that would happen on a certain date with livetreams, Q&A etc etc. It’s about time we stopped doing every conference in person. Though face to face is nice, doing it remote is not all bad.

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I’ve got a bunch of stuff in the back of my mind - Partially inspired by things I learned fron volunteering at Helpful Engineering. I might not ever get this done, but some of these things are:
Relaunch the website, create a wiki (because I think that’s the format that @JoeFaust should actually use for the kind of content he posts), maybe get incorporated, get commercial partnerships etc.

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What about group-selfies? Aren’t they the main thing?

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Everyone screenshots a Zoom Group meeting instead of a group selfie nowadays for virtue signalling.

Such action is part of the AWEC2020 Teleconference! Right on! Have a Zoom meet, say, on any particular date and time; choose to record the meeting or not. Summarize attendees and matter covered. Such may be part of the permanent corpus of the AWEC2020 Teleconference. Define a topic, perhaps on one of the announced tracks. Have at it! Send results for inclusion in the AWEC2020 Teleconference ebook.

“reviewed conference”? All matter will be reviewed for appropriate fit. Is it AWE 2020 matter?
The teleconference has already shown signs of success. Join your 2020 AWE matter with others to bolster the ongoing success. There is no failure, just AWE doing its important thing. Have no regrets by having meetings, writing essays, giving reports, entering captioned photographs, forming digital posters, writing a 2020-nuanced report of one’s AWE space, etc. See the Teleconference’s outline that yet grows. Be included; fly your AWE into the AWEC2020 Teleconference and its summary ebook!

The success of AWEC2020 Teleconference will be enhanced when YOUR input arrives!

Matter of 2020 will be anticipated at some point in 2020, but some items will arrive in January and following.
Editors and contributors often work into the next year. There can be feedback and updates anytime in the future if the original content is respected and there is a will. The ebook will be formatted in January of 2021. Open discussion on items of the Airborne Wind Energy AWEC2020 Teleconference ebook will continue in 2021, as interest flows.

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Bitcoin VR conference. For inspiration