AWEC 2021 Program

I can already give you guys some hilights;

«Flying a rigid kite with a single tether attachment point» is a poster explaining a simple and efficient method of estimating the wind speed during production, using only attitude and speed i formation, no lidar, airspeed or alpha/beta sensors, which also turns out to be quite accurate, among other things

«The Pyramid, a TRPT rethink, Roderick Read, Windswept and Interesting Ltd» where we present a variation of the «SuperTurbine». Also lay some mathemayical groundwork for working with soft shafts. I will publicise more information online soon.

I was involved in these two…

Honorable mentions:

Rotation compensator based cyclic pitch control for Rotary Airborne Wind Energy Systems, Christof Beaupoil, someAWE Labs S.L.

Achieving ultralight, rigid, durable, low-cost composite AWE kites with efficient design and manufacturing, Florian Breipohl, Enerkite GmbH

Using the Lidar-validated hindcast model NORA3 for resource estimates of airborne wind energy systems, Jan Markus Diezel, University of Bergen

Design Analysis of a Rotary Airborne Wind Energy System, Hong Yue, University of Strathclyde