AWEC 2021 talks... what subjects are interesting?

Hi. Considering posting a talk for AWEC next time. Perhaps we could discuss which subjects that could be more interesting for the general public. I would personally submit something most likely based on thinking, experience and other work done at kitemill. Right now I am thinking about

  • Motorized kites aka VTOL takeoff and landing
  • Something about rigid wing actuator control in loops
  • Something about scaling
  • Winch control and reverse pumping techniques
  • Effective AWE simulations in Julia
  • A novel way of measuring the wind speed online (not sure if this is too close to home wrt Kitemill business secrets though)

I guess there are so many things I could spend 30 minutes on… perhaps I should ask for my own conference track?

Any feedback or requests welcome.

Preferably Id like to present something that could be of use to other people


All of them sound interesting. I’d just talk about what you find interesting and can say something about. If I had to choose, maybe numbers 5, 2, and 4. But I haven’t read research or watched talks so…

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So I’m going for #2 rigid actuator during loops added TWO novel ways of measuring wind speed, of which one is practically feasible for 24/7 operation. I had a go for sharing this from Kitemill HQ…