AWEIA back in the picture

AWEIA (AWE Industry Association) pioneered AWE safety and professional ethics R&D, as the logical leadership role of an Industry Association. With the recent mishap investigation, which will touch on ethical issues, AWEIA is back in the picture on merits, and could be rebuilt and grow from there. AWEIA commissioned both TACO and a Code of Ethics. Those documents are a foundation to rebuild on. TACO is overdue for an update, and the recent mishap will be an ideal source of vital material.

John Oyebanji is an unsung hero for carrying on as AWEIA’s founding director for so many years, unfunded, while AWE “playboys” partied and got rich on venture capital. AWEC usurped the leadership role to engage in unfair business practices and neglect safety culture development. Wubbo had championed AWEIA from the start, but after he passed, no one in the AWEC circle cared, and JohnO was snubbed from conference planning and participation.

Please help AWE have an effective professional association. The FAA, AWE investors, and public stakeholders, all need an effective accountable professional industry. Consider volunteering in any way. If you work in AWE, you are automatically an AWEIA member, but can “opt-out”.

Airborne Wind Energy Industry Association

To me it seems strange that we all have to opt out. I dont buy it, and I am by no means member of AWEIA and also have no intention of opting out.

Dont take that as a negative attitude though. I wish you best of luck with AWEIA. I’ll settle for the playboys for now and see how this plays out…

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Tallak, declaring not to be a member is how one opts out.

AWEIA is what it is only by what @kitefreak did as formal or informal head manager.
It has nothing to do with AWE “playboys”.

Pierre thinks JohnO did nothing, not even in the loop with Wubbo, so Pierre played piano while JohnO had to stay away. The playboys do play a role in the AWEIA-AWEC story.

@kitefreak, you are guilty for the lack of success of AWEIA, not JohnO but you and only you. Your grotesque and baseless accusations against everyone will not change anything.

AWEIA is a success, if you measure by TACO and the Ethics Code, both honorable beginnings.

Mark Moore said TACO should “bring us together”.

Who has done better? Not the playboys.

There will be an Industry Association. Don’t give up yet.

If AWEIA is a success, then there are no problems with the AWE “playboys”.

Its a partial success, and the playboys are not all bad.

I do not think you can decide who is good, who is bad.

Hitler- bad. JohnO- good.

You stand corrected.

No, this doesn’t come from any decision from you.

I decide for myself, a Neo-Nazi would decide otherwise.

This is mainly about referencing the Mishap findings to TACO and the Ethics Code, as documents. That’s what brings “AWEIA back in the picture”.


It is strange to be a member of something one does not choose, like being Norwegian. AWEIA is easier to opt out of.