AWES Tchooonz

So maybe
you’re struggling for consciousness while untangling the meaning of the squiggly graphs at Torque 2020
or maybe
you’re suiting up in armour, sheathing your freshly sharpened line knife and about to hit the test field on a windy day
either way
Gotta be better prepared if you have a good set of AWES related Tchoooonz smashing through your inner ear drums…

I moved my AWES playlist back to spotify

Resistance is futile

Tom Petty - Learning to fly
Tom Petty - Free Falling

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Tom Petty of course… Very remiss of me - added

Daniel Avery : Lone Swordsman
May seem an odd call but a single sharp edge blade and the damage it can do is one of the scariest things in AWES.
Also, this song was in tribute to Andy Weatherall

Had to add these two

Band : A Certain Ratio (feat. JackKnife Lee)
Song : YoYoGrip

Band : ACR
Song : Elevation Gain (Chris Rece remix)

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