Belt and Cableway Power Transmission

The belt transmission can apply to big devices up to 2 MW like cableways

Those are pretty heavy. But yes, this design could probably scale a lot larger than kiweeone

I love cableway design.
It would be great if we could make each tower a power feeding station. So at each tower a rotor adds power to the circuit.
Mountain gaps are great places for trade winds. And setting a tensile network permanently across mountain gaps could be phenomenally useful.

After having thought a bit more, a cableway could be used in a mining setting with the cableway ending far down and the kite pulling materials upwards… Its probably still quite impractical due to changing wind directions though

In cableway mining you can generate from bullwheels. AWES Power could be sourced above the surface, driven by a flying rotor but combining the flying and mining loops into a single or minimal coupling seems less easy than electrical power transmission from the AWES to the mining set. unless there’s a trade wind and favorable mine shaft.

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Just use the kite for “fluid mining” aka pumping. Reduces complexity a lot.

A key use of cableways is to take power from kites in upper wind and convey that power to places where wind is weak, like deep valleys. This can involve a cableway of kites driving a separate cableway for specific uses, rather than a single cableway run for all functions. As Rod suggests, a bullwheel station can mediate between a power-harvesting cableway and a power-load cableway.