Blocking IP in AWE?

AWE’s patenting history includes a statistical patent rush and patent scare reaction, that peaked about ten years ago. Some parties tried to patent key AWE ideas en masse, while others feared they might succeed, and publicly disclosed as much art as possible.

Times have changed; there is no patent rush or scare anymore. Further research into old kite patents, mostly by Joe Faust, revealed that most great AWE ideas were patented long ago, and are now Public Domain.

For context into how AWE patents where sought or feared, here is a good definition of “blocking patent”-

[Guellec, Martinez, Zuniga; 2008], “When the exclusionary power provided by patents is aimed at keeping competitors off a particular market or technology field rather than at protecting an invention, patents become a strategic blocking tool for offensive or defensive purposes.”



Blocking Patents Explained

A blocking patent prevents other companies from using the underlying technology behind your idea. To learn more about blocking patents and how they can add value to your business, click this link!