Capacity factor + mobility to solve intermittency?

Current wind turbines are severely discussed now. The main reproach is their intermittency preventing a really useful integration in the grid. Unfortunately the tweets are in French language. So i put also the respective graphics below of each.

I am not sure that these graphics are correct but the question on capacity factor and intermittency is a recurring question and is increasingly posed in environments where controllable energies are queens.

Airborne wind energy systems could perhaps escape to this issue by two combined ways: a higher capacity factor thanks to higher winds, and mobility in order to find better winds, considering an off-grid production first.

To store or not to store?

Wind power intermittency remains a permanent problem, despite efforts for storage. This is discussed on several topics.

Perhaps the mobility potential of the AWES could be harnessed, allowing the automated truck carrying an AWES to move from one active wind area to another.

Another possibility for all wind systems would be to lower the price of electricity when strong winds are expected. People would then run their washing machines …

There may be a match for agricultural farm based systems to only be deployed on fallow fields or only be deployed in winter to keep the sheds warm while animals aren’t in the fields