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update- Am told by moderation that the original post was restored, but that no flag or block was detected. I forwarded the flag warning I got, and the post was somehow hidden.

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Not sure who blocked this post or why, given the close on-topic connections, but putting it here for reference-

"Its odd to see so many Northern EU university-incubated ventures competing with similar but unproven kiteplane platforms for a market that has not yet developed. The technical claims seem like wildly speculative marketing, rather than the caution academia normally shows.

Note that high Lift Coefficient is a lower velocity flight mode where power kites excel. It won’t make much difference whether a kiteplane is a biplane or not, with a tail or not, and so on, if careful comparative testing is destined to favor the power kite.

It all may boil down which wing can crash, not kill anyone, pop right back up, and does not have an RF com link that can be jammed, plus the highest power-to-weight to-boot.

Good luck to all players who find themselves with the wrong architectural down-select, that they may somehow migrate to the winning architecture. This would be natural if everyone was cooperating more rather than competing for a quick return on a shakey investment.

Biplane kites are old hat in classic kite design, but monoplane kites dominate all high-performance kiting, for well known reasons. A bare biplane advantage over a monoplane is a slower landing velocity and stronger airframe, to not crack up quite as soon as faster kiteplanes.

Pray for third-party testing to settle the fog of AWE product claims."

You’re referencing this post:


Did you write that 11 hours ago and put it in the topic it is in now? I don’t think I see any admin action in the last few days on the comment. It also wasn’t flagged.

I received a notice it was flagged.

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I’ve unhidden the comment as I don’t see the flag, or evidence that it was flagged.

If a comment is hidden on purpose, I would always message the user.

If a user with a high enough trust level flags a comment, it automatically hides it. It’s then on a moderator to review the comment and see what they want to do with it.

It’s likely me… I was finding this post objectionable.
crap moderator alert
Think I tried the flag as recommended in the user guidelines.
Saw that action hid the post and so I unflagged.
I presumed flagging would just highlight a potential issue / violation and not hide the post.

Florian’s paper makes very good justification arguments in favour of his design parameters…
Surely sentence this is contradictory because careful comparative testing will reveal the better design features.

Florian’s max predictions are clearly far off of the scaling and power predictions by soft kite proponents like SkySails (with soft wings ~1000m2 foreseen) and kPower (thousands of ~1000m2 units in networks).

Compare Florian’s direct kite experience against SkySails circling the globe. I would bet on the power kite, while hoping the rigid wings show up in a big fly-off.

Wow, it just gets weirder. Who decided I now can’t form new topics without approval? What topic have I ever created to deserve such crappy access?

Meanwhile, a moderator can be an “anonymous authority” (not good) while creating topics against anonymous authority (“Weasel Words”). That isn’t even AWE.

I was reposting about this AWES hack, but now sort of wish I hadn’t bothered-

You attempted to post in the Homebrew category. Topics in that category need moderator approval. More info here. I’m not sure your topic belongs in that category or not, so I will let someone else approve or reject your topic.

That’s nutty; Moderators thinking Homebrew needs extra policing, while Google runs amok unchecked.

eWind’s post is arguably far less Homebrew, and met with no blocking. They are a venture capital outfit, not a hacker collective.

Don’t even remember that I set it like that.^^ Sounds sensible. Will keep it that way. Added a note about it in the category description.

“Sounds sensible” is no logical justification for Homebrew to be especially constrained. Authority does not require logical justification to do as it pleases.

The flip-side is seeing Google-Makani to be sensible as tired default keynote leaders at AWEC conferences, year after year. They will not be challenged like Homebrew riff-raff, until their down-select debacle runs its course.

The Wright Brothers were High School drop-outs whose Flyer was Homebrew. They would have had to wait to post in their category. Maxwell and Langley would not even have posted here. These are formally class-structures, not merit-driven or egalitarian systems.