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I did make clear again and again that its been worth it for players like Google to spend so much (~300M) to vet their high-complexity design space. No lamenting. That was incorrect.

Also, I was not censored from Homebrew, that was a moderation-block on everyone, and the post was duly approved. Censorship has been a minor irritation for a few posts that contained serious technical content, while flagged for Netiquette lapses. The damage was fixed.

Good luck doing better than Da Vinci and the Wright Bros.

OK, I’ll try to avoid 100%+, high-solidity rotors, single-surface working surfaces, and if a component is already known, proven for 1000 years, I’ll try not to spend years “inventing” it.
Google could have accomplished a lot by now. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, and the more subject to “group-think” they are. Oh well, you don’t expect Jimi Hendrix to emerge from the U.S. Marine Band. You just expect them to have a big budget, and to play Hail to the Chief when called upon to do so.

No Doug, I mean doing better than the Wrights and Da Vinci in life and history generally. The Wrights did greatly advance Turbine understanding and design, and Da Vinci is our first serious analyst of Dynamic Soaring, but these are not AWE players in the here-and-now.

No one can yet claim to be the Jimi Hendrix of AWE. Good luck if that is your goal. You need to practice more.

More of an observation than complaint (since complaints are hidden on the New Forum).

What the creators of this Forum have set up is an SPE, where self-selected Moderators lapse into authoritarian abuse of moderation power over those who reject such power. Its even more asymmetric here than original SPE, because instead of a coin flip, those attracted to absolute moderation power were able to self-select. The bloated software array of available moderation powers further promoted excesses.

AWE knowledge as such is comparatively disadvantaged.


Stanford prison experiment

The Stanford prison experiment (SPE) was a social psychology experiment that attempted to investigate the psychological effects of perceived power, focusing on the struggle between prisoners and prison officers. It was conducted at Stanford University on the days of August 14–20, 1971, by a research group led by psychology professor Philip Zimbardo using college students. In the study, volunteers were assigned to be either “guards” or “prisoners” by the flip of a coin, in a mock prison, with Z

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Set up an authoritative AWES website forum
A better one.
More open.

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Quite amusing :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
The creators is basically me. It is filled with life by others though.

“SPE” That’s great.^^ Total TMATB! (The more acronyms the better) Makes one seem incredibly wise.
Did you know the SPE is quite a myth? Can recommend this podcast episode: http://rationallyspeakingpodcast.org/show/rs-241-thibault-le-texier-on-debunking-the-stanford-prison-e.html

Anyone can self select to be a modertator. Anyone can host their own forum. As for the rest of the mod selection: That’s on me.

Btw.: The moderation and rules and such could be better if I wasn’t totally half assing this as barely a side project.^^

Have you heard of reddit or facebook or twitter or personal blogs/websites? You can post totally unrestricted there. There’s also an awes subreddit. (Which will have rules though if it gets used much)

Of course Moderation superuser authorities here, known and cloaked, cannot see themselves as wrongful SPE “wardens” abusing “prisoners”. If they could, it would not be SPE.

Joe and I set up the Old Forum, and it ran for over a decade, with never any heavy-handed moderation (except when Rod briefly acted as a self-righteous super-exasperated Moderator). Truly we did our part to welcome and promote open AWE far more patiently and productively, in almost 30k of pioneering posts, full of key domain art.

Thankfully there was never an issue with Topics in the wrong Category, hidden topics, deletions, and all similar distractions, not just because such features did not exist, but because our mission was RAD (Rapid AWE Development). Balky Netiquette policing never trumped technical maximization.

Moderation here has proven it would rather see sound content like Cosine Functions and kite-related Analytic Philosophy go away, rather than generously tolerate such posting in the author’s intended Category. Crucial AWE Categories do not even exist, while junk categories are frozen in and given priority.

Moderators here simply lack the lifetime experience and wisdom JoeF has showed in editing kite tech since the '60s, and archiving all AWE knowledge faithfully beyond anyone else. JoeF is still editing and hosting AWE content online, which Moderators here seem unaware of, in calling for yet another Forum, rather than moderating helpfully like JoeF.

I stayed away from here for a couple of months, to see what would happen with less frission, and posting statistics dwindled to days at a time with no posts, with more moderators than non-moderators posting. That’s what censorship does compared to free expression.

The myth of a popular AWE Forum by too many moderators with too many tools is busted. The highest function of an AWE Forum remains technical, given the historic urgency to create AWE.

An AWE forum can also be useful by providing analysis showing that AWES are not efficient in regard to electricity production at utility-scale. If The no market Hypothesis is confirmed, the AWE forum will have helped to save funds that would be useful for other energy sectors.

AWE is at best a “newborn baby” that has not yet saved the world, if ever; but some of us are trying to make it happen with great passion.

A vast and complex global energy market surely does exist for AWE to succeed or fail in.

Even beyond market-materialism, there is a dream of AWE as a superior way to live, in the very sky itself, where energy flows so gloriously.

Let AWE pessimists live with less hope.

You can always continue that work. Joe has made an archive. He has made his own platform. One can mail him articles for publication. You might as well use this. You may also set up your own discourse server (I’ll even help you, if I can) or use reddit or whatnot.

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Yeah, you can imagine, the response to that one brief moment where I moderated on the yahoo forum… was to remove me as moderator

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Yes, the Old Forum moderated imModeration, not contributors. Try that here.

I still contribute to content to JoeF, not just here. Yes, we know unrestricted hosting exists beyond this dystopian hunger-game. Heck, we were online in the FidoNet era, and raised better as well, to stand fast against authoritarianism-gone-wild, never just cut-and-run :clown_face:

Tell Windy Skies to go moderate Law 25 anonymously on Reddit.

Luke has moved this message from its comic context, where Tallak had thought Luke had posted “spam”. I replied:

“No. “Spam” is mention of the “Old Forum”.”

For those who cannot see Hidden Content on this Forum, Moderators have decided that mere mention of the Old AWES Forum is “spam”, never mind free-speech or context.

@kitefreak do you allude to the following message?

Not just that message, but also several hidden Moderation messages. There seems to be no allowed exceptions to mentioning the Old Forum being defined as spam. These messages themselves could be deleted as such.

Its funny that Tallak thought Luke was spamming. The only serious spam in AWE are the failing commercial claims of a few highly capitalized ventures. Millions see those promotions. Investors have lost millions.

That is a misrepresentation. You can read about this in this comment and my follow-up comment:

So what are the exceptions, in clear logical form?

Is it allowed to write, “early AWE R&D has a rich written and graphic history, as documented on the old AWES Forum, in almost 30k messages, by many of the original pioneers”?

How many mentions of the “old forum” are allowed? Is the “new forum” similarly under numeric quota?

This was just censored by Windy Skies, along with the cool video link-

The dramatic success of kite sports continues to build, far overshadowing the tiny angst-world of specific AWE R&D. This video politely shows the engineering culture gap. Even the cinematography and music is better, and the star power kite is dynamite.

Follow-up engineering analysis was going to explore how power-kite design has converged so closely to optimal form, while those who try to reinvent the kite from first principles are hurting.

This forum is now wasting hours of time every day for individuals who would otherwise progress AWES.
A solution to this frustration exists.