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Hi folks,
It went sharply quiet on the forum.
Understandably, we’re all preoccupied with changes brought via pandemic.

Scientific debate, as hosted here, is often fiercely contested. Yet we all became AWES developers through having the best intentions.

It would be great to hear how you are all coping.

Hopefully you can all still find time for some AWES thoughts. (you’re reading this right…) If you’re struggling, our thoughts are with you. Let us know if there is anything we can help with.

Is it true @JoeFaust that you are planning an online conference meetup series?
That would be cool.
Please check in to this post thread and say if you agree.


Rod, a team has launched AWEC2020 Teleconference for all international AWE participants.
Help is still needed: inputs per category, spreading the word, keeping the Teleconference editor posted with input papers, videos made in 2020, links, news, and more are welcome from all interested. Tell the of any missing companies, AWE individuals, 2020-made videos, 2020 published papers, … etc: 2020 matter. Hold small meetings and share link with editor to archived script or audio file or full meeting audio-video. Anil Pattni is a firm worker in AWEC2020. Hosting of files for the world for AWEC2020 Teleconference is supported by kPower and Upper Windpower. Already some of your Windswept & Interesting videos of 2020 are posted in AWEC2020 Teleconference videos at
AWEC2020 Teleconference will be open to host posters, linkable meetings, webinars, topic meetings, company links, individual links, etc. as you will see. The AWEC Teleconference started in March 2020 and will continue through December 2020; closing matters will occur for the year; content of the Teleconference will stay open and available free to the world.

So, all AWE teams: participate as you wish! Questions are welcome.

Ever: suggestions are welcome. Send suggestions or the other matter to the editor.


Still thinking about AWE 24/7. The kids cane home from school and things at work are more complicated than usual.

My strategy on covid-19 these days is to be the one who is not infected when herd immunity kicks in :slight_smile: I wore this for work all day yesterday. I guess time that could be better spent on AWE…



I’ve been thinking about what method I want to use to make blades/wings, for quick and easy and cheap and accurate and strong and environmentally friendly prototype making. I haven’t started researching that yet.

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For 2020 and also for the following years. This will at least avoid the considerable pollution caused by air travel at annual AWE conferences for zero marketed electricity production in more than 10 years.

On this occasion it would be interesting to widen the AWE range as you did on the old forum @JoeFaust and suggested on Per-Year AWE-Sector Activity Shares. One could introduce successful AWE categories such as kite surfing and other power kite activities, invent new ones (I remember Joe’s shading among others). Perhaps a stimulating effect can occur for all categories, including that of electricity production, which has plateaued for some time.

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Volunteering at

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More dismal news: global warming has been cancelled. :cold_sweat:

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@Tom, as my following message is off-topic you can delete it or place it in a more appropriate topic.

This is in French language, but pictures are sufficient. Disposable mask in cleaning paper roll with two or more square layers, tape, and elastic tape or fabric for fastenings. No seams, done in a few minutes and to do again on each outing. It is a not complete protection against droplets (see the article below), but it may be better than nothing.

On my mask there is only four folds; five folds are better.

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If you have a sewing machine and 3d printer available, my design:


Another easy way: a tissue, rubber bands, that’s it, no sewing. A link for the video is below:

I still think my 3D print design is very good. I have a new design using a «buff» on the back of the head that has a very nice fit. So many ways to solve this. A sewn mask for sure is easier to handle than something folded with rubber bands. I dont mind using 5 minutes to sew a mask… use it if you like. I would recommend using a mask in the current situation. I am not a health professional, but read a few papers on masks and to me it seems probable they have some or a large effect for very little cost

There are a lot of solutions out there. Here are some 3D printing designs:
Here’s a map of most of the channels of the Helpful Engineering Slack:

I finally got round to fixing that old finger pulse oximeter… Sweet!
We had to lend out another one last night.
This video gave the fix hint. The wire buzzed out ok but was actually snapped inside.

I hope that’s us, if we ever meet.^^

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